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Individual Partnership




Our individual partnership packs are designed for international students, academicians, researchers, expats, diplomats and other individuals based in Brussels and around the world. Our individual partnership gives access to ECOPNET’s unique network. We support our partners with all means of networking art. Individual partners are kept informed about different networking bubbles in Brussels. We support our individual partners to collaborate and promote European values and to create a European identity.




We guide our individual partners in their career path in Brussels. Expats and non-EU partners are supported for their legal procedures in Belgium. There are directed to the right contact points for their internships including internships at the EU institutions and other highly preferred entities. Individual in our network may also access, under certain conditions, to our corporate partners and look for more opportunities.



Guidance & Assistance

We guide our individual partners to better integrate into the EU society. We also work closely with unions, local authorities, and other local and international associations that might be helpful for individual needs. We also assist our individual partners for their European projects come true, such as strategy development, subsidy management, fundraising, creating consortiums, applying for EU schemes and funds etc. 



Becoming a European

Our main target is to promote European values and policies across Europe and all over the world. In this sense, our individual partners are essential and very valuable for our network. We work to build a European identity, enforcing EU understanding among social networks. Our individual partners regardless of their EU or non-EU nationality are trained and benefited from the European identity conceptions. 



EU & Social Events

Our partners are always informed about EU events and other social, cultural and academic events in Brussels. Our partners are sometimes given with the privilege of participating some paid events for free or at reduced rates.



Reaching Other Networks

Our individual partners are able to access our partnership networks under several terms and conditions. Those networks include student unions, chambers, trade associations, sectoral alliances, academic or scientific initiatives, informal groupings, networks based on nationalities or other common interests. 



Become a Partner Now!

For more information about individual partnerships, please contact us at

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