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Networking & Representation 

This exclusive Prime Partnership partnership pack is designed for partners who wish to benefit from our tailor-made tools, customised proposals and guidance that are made specifically for our partners’ needs. This privileged pack gives access to state-of-the-art research and participation in a dynamic forum for networking and exchanging ideas. We guide our partners to reach other networks in the heart of Europe, guide them to foster their image building process. We work to make sure our partners have powerful representation before the numerous international institutions in Brussels and increase their visibility in the “capital of Europe”.



Stay Informed

We provide the opportunity to our partners who opt in the Prime Partnership package to participate in all of our ten Working Groups as well as training programs free of charge. Participating in these Working Groups allows exchange of information with other partners and leading experts on the issues and to keep our partners timely informed on the EU policies. Prime Partnership provides a deeper involvement in our research programs. They would not only be informed on the current European agenda in the relevant sectors but also would have the chance to contribute to the discussions on their policy interests with other participants as well as our high-level Advisory Board. 



Periodic Reports

We present reports and fact sheets to timely inform our partners on the EU affairs that affect them. We also prepare tailor-made reports in selected relevant areas upon their requests to our partners along with ECOPNET's regular newsletters of the Working Groups and reports. 



EU Events

We keep our partners updated about events related to the EU policies and EU affairs in Brussels. We also participate in four events of their choice related to our objectives, in Brussels, annually on behalf of them. In addition to these, we organise and coordinate roundtable meetings, conferences, panels, trainings and many other events for and with our partners who benefit from this package. Our partners are always invited to any such ECOPNET event. We also stay in close contact with them to organise events upon their requests.



Projects & EU Funding

We use effective lobbying tools to ensure that our partners get involved in the EU affairs that may affect them. By using these powerful tools combined with our exclusive communication strategies, we help our partners to influence decision-making processes in the EU in their relevant sectors.



International Cooperation & Connection

We develop strategic action plans tailored for the needs of our partners in their relevant selected sectors to bolster and facilitate their cooperations and partnerships at the European level. We also help our partners to effectively engage with the stakeholders in Brussels. We help our partners to develop their international cooperations and partnerships particularly in the EU. 



Administrative Assistance

We guide our partners to find the right contacts in Belgium regarding the administrative issues on the EU affairs. 




We carry out common projects and programs with our partners to facilitate their accession to EU standards.



Training & Capacity Management

We organise programs to develop our partners’ institutional capacity and the qualifications of their staff in the EU affairs, projects and funding opportunities. We also organise several training programs related to Horizon Europe, Circular Economy, European Green Deal, Digital Age, Agricultural Development, Academic and Scientific Cooperations, forming and managing international cooperations, Project Cycle Management, Accord with the EU Standards, Trade with the EU and on similar subject matters.



 Enforcing PR & Communication Strategies

Our partnership and cooperation efforts support our partners’ communication & PR strategies in Brussels. We develop these effective communication & PR strategies in close coordination with our partners in helping and guiding them to implement these strategies approved by them. These strategies will ensure better communicate the key messages of our partners before the EU institutions. We also promote the image of our partners in Brussels and at the EU level underlining their strengths and by sharing the relevant publications and materials of our partners with key networks in Brussels.



Become a Prime Partner Now!

For more information about our Prime Partnership Pack and its terms & conditions, please contact us at

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