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Brussels+ Experience Sharing on EU Institutions by Alumni of the College of Europe

ECOPNET and Bruxircle are inviting you to the third edition of Brussels+ online events, “Experience Sharing on EU Institutions by Alumni of the College of Europe.” In this event, co-organised by Bruxircle and ECOPNET, a group of the College of Europe alumni who have traineeship and work experiences at the EU Institutions, as well as at the Rotating Presidencies of the Council of the EU and the civil society circle around the EU Institutions will be sharing their experiences and answering the participants’ questions. The event will also be focusing on career opportunities revolving around the civil society circle around the EU institutions. This event is aimed for those who are interested in working in the EU institutions but would like to learn more, gain insight and network with young professionals who have experience in this area.

Brussels Plus has successfully completed two experience sharing events in collaboration in March 2021, gathering together nearly 250 participants in total. One of the events addressed postgraduate studies in Belgium, the Netherlands or France, featuring speakers who have conducted their studies in the Extended Brussels Bubble. The second experience sharing event was for Turkish-speaking law students and lawyers who wish to pursue alternative careers in extended Brussels network and beyond.

This event will take place online on 31 March 2021 Wednesday, 19.00 – 21.00 CET and it will be in English. Participation is free of charge. Due to limited capacity, registration is required:

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About Us

Bruxircle is an initiative for youth to share and develop information, experience and network in relation to Brussels circle. ECOPNET (European Cooperation & Partnership Network) a.s.b.l. is a Brussels-based, politically independent nonprofit network focusing on cooperations and international partnerships, gathering individuals, institutions, universities, academics, scientists, local authorities and companies interested in EU affairs and global cooperation. And Brussels+ is a joint initiative of Bruxircle and ECOPNET conducting a series of experience sharing events for students, recent graduates and young Professionals planning to study and/or work in Extended Brussels bubble. These events are carried out as part of ECOPNET’s Education Working Group (WG).

In this WG, we guide our partner universities, institutions and their current and past students to extend their network across Europe and to be included in the education projects in the EU, especially Erasmus+, and to make bilateral agreements. We also inform our partners on the scientific and academic cooperations and support them to form and strengthen these cooperations.

You may follow ECOPNET on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for the upcoming events.


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