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ECOPNET Launches "Aerospace Working Group"

ECOPNET (European and Cooperation Partnership Network ASBL) launched a new Research and Working Group targeting the Aerospace Industry, particularly on venture capital investment in this sector.

ECOPNET thinks that aerospace industry is becoming more and more important and it is linked to many other sectors such as agriculture, telecommunication, transportation, defence and security and now, the industry is also an important player for social and economic matters such as natural disaster management, employment, new technologies and innovation. Therefore, regulations and investment ecosystem in this industry require more attention.

ECOPNET wishes to create a platform and an effective network to support this promising and essential industry. In our Aerospace Research and Working Group (ARWP), we will firstly

  • Focus on the need for EU regulations for a better cooperation in this industry.

We will also focus on:

  • Collecting news on recent technical developments and new areas of use of space products and services

  • Supporting the European and global network of Aerospace Industry

  • Identifying economic and legal barriers for a better investment atmosphere in the Aerospace Industry

  • Proposing models to remove barriers for the growth of Aerospace Industry

  • Promoting Aerospace Industry developments, services and products in the public

  • Increasing investment for this industry

  • Increasing Public-Private Partnerships to better attract investments

  • Proposing sector specific corporate governance rules

  • Raising awareness within the EU, and EU networks and institutions in Brussels

  • Promoting the application of green technologies within the industry

This research and working group is leaded by our President Mr. Bekir Bugra AYDIN, a specialized lawyer in this field and conducting his relevant research in Tilburg University, in the Netherlands.

To participate and take active role in the Aerospace Research and Working Group of ECOPNET (ARWG), please contact us at


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